Your Madrasah Curriculum

Our curriculum has been approved by scholars in Madeenah

The Your Madrasah curriculum is a unique, structured and comprehensive curriculum established on authentic Islamic knowledge. The curriculum is based on classical books by scholars, but simplified and tailored to appeal to children so they can learn about Islam step-by-step. The curriculum was created by Shaykh Abu Muslim Kamran, the founder and teacher of Your Madrasah and a graduate of the Islamic University of Madeenah. Alhamdulilah, the curriculum has been checked and approved by a number of scholars from Madeenah – the city of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
Level 1

4 - 5 years old

£19.99 /month
  • Aqeedah: Who is Allaah – His Names and Attributes
  • Duas and Tarbeeyah: Basic duas and the importance of manners
  • Fiqh: Wudoo and the importance of cleanliness
  • Quran: Importance of Quran / Surah Fatihah – al-Kafiroon
  • Arabic: Alif – Yaa
  • Prophets: Adam to Yaqub (peace be upon them)
Level 2

6 - 7 years old

£19.99 /month
  • Aqeedah: The 5 Pillars of Islam
  • Hadeeth: Introduction to Hadeeth and the Sunnah
  • Fiqh: Importance of Salah and its rulings
  • Quran: Surah al-Kawthar –  Surah al-Alaq
  • Arabic: Basic Arabic
  • Prophets: Yusuf to Isa (peace be upon them)
Level 3

8 - 9 years old

£19.99 /month
  • Aqeedah: The 6 Pillars of emaan
  • Hadeeth: The 40 hadeeth of Imam al-Nawawi
  • Fiqh: Fasting and Ramadan and related rulings
  • Quran: Surah al-Teen to Surah al-Burooj
  • Arabic: Madeenah Book 1 Part I
  • Seerah Part I: Makkah period
Level 4

10 - 11 years old

£19.99 /month
  • Aqeedah: Studying Tawheed & Shirk
  • Hadeeth: Completion of the 40 hadeeth of Imam Nawawi
  • Fiqh: Fiqh of Hajj and its rulings
  • Quran: Completion of tafseer of Juzz Amma
  • Arabic: Completion of Madeenah Book 1
  • Seerah Part II: Madeenah period

Our Subjects

Live Classes and Q&A

In addition to the animated classes, there will also be regular live lessons and Q&A for the children with Shaykh Kamran. This is a class where the entire family can learn together. Parents and children will be learning about tazkiyah (self purification) and tarbeeyah (Islamic upbringing) while studying the universally accepted masterpiece “Riyadhul Saliheen” (Gardens of the Righteous) by Imam al-Nawawi (rahimahullah).

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