Your Madrasah: Ramadan Club

Alhamdulilah all the FREE spaces for the Ramadan Club have now been taken. As there were thousands of parents who wanted to enrol their children in the Ramadan Club, QadrAllaah wa mashaa ‘faal the spaces were taken in record time.

As it’s Ramadan soon and we want as many children as possible to benefit, we are giving a special Ramadan offer. If you would still like to register your child for the Ramadan Club, you can do so for a heavily discounted price of only £4.99 (the usual price is £19.99 a month).

Welcome to the Ramadan Club. FREE spaces are limited. Registration is now open. In order to give everybody a fair chance, spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please click the button below to register your child.

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